Replay Only Gallery

We have implemented a New Replay Only Gallery of all the Replays that are available from the site.

The link is ./replay-gallery.php

If you wish to do htaccess redirects then it could look like this

RedirectMatch 301 ^/replay$
RedirectMatch 301 ^/replays$
RedirectMatch 301 ^/replaygallery$

Anyone going to replay,replays,replaygallery would be directed to ./replay-gallery.php

You will also seen the Replay Menu item in your header menu. We have also added the event subject to the details, so now people can see the image, name and subject of the event from the gallery view. If someone is in the replay gallery that should not be or should be then verify you have the correct dates entered in the speaker event area. We hope this helps with sales and conversions.

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