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File Manager is first built on the premise of a line item list of downloads per category.

Audio | Transcript | Video

These Categories can be then grouped or singled out on a wordpress page/post using the short code [wpdm_file id=12] viewable when logged in and hovering the mouse over the file while viewing your your file manager uploaded list.

If you are selling a package deal of 24 audios and want a visitor to be able to download from the audio category ( 1 .mp3 audio at a time from the list you would have to zip them all on your own computer before upload for a single download of all .mp3) then you send them to the page/post with the corresponding short code for the audio category embed located here ./download-audios.php (page).

To begin, verify that you are indeed downloading a .mp3 file from your audio source.

How to Verify.
View the file in your downloaded folder make sure you have the ‘view details’ option on (when looking at the file on your computer it is the first icon top right it may say more options) then you can make sure the file just has 2 parts the_name_of_the-file and the .extension which should look like speaker-audio.mp3 (speaker-audio is the the_name_of_the-file and .mp3 is extension for audio)
see attached file: mycomputer.png

If you do not see a .mp3 then you will need to turn “view file extensions” on inside your computer.
How to display file extensions in Windows 7 and Windows XP

To continue, if you see something like youraudioname.something.mp3 then this is also invalid and you will have to resave from initial source as youraudioname.mp3, best to also enable file extensions before going to download again, that way you can see the full file name of what you are downloading

When using file manager login & follow these steps
1. File manager >> Add New File and select a file for uploading.
see attached file: filemanager-select_file.png

2. Wait till the file has completely uploaded (it will appear at the top of the little upload area above the upload button) and all the information entered such as Title of Download, Description and Category before Creating the Package (the big red X for deletion next to the file name appears after the package is created and then going back to Filemanager and Editing that upload)
see attached file: filemanager-uploaded.png

It does however seem the file manager is temperamental… thus dont try to upload then delete the upload then try to upload again… just delete the whole original upload and reupload a freash copy… make sure you ‘Create Package’ before going elsewhere in the admin area or u will loose your upload.

Once a package is created and in the right category then the public can view and download that package from the category. Further if file has been verified and played on your computer and can be uploaded but still does not show in the file manager… then shut down website and clear cookies using a program like ccleaner, if still does not work then up the limits of your upload just copy and paste this code into your .htaccess at the very bottom of the file and yes limits can be adjusted accordingly and if still nothing then contact us at Support

php_value post_max_size 50M
php_value upload_max_filesize 50M
php_value memory_limit 500M

View live demo at ./download-audios.php; a wordpress page with the audio category short code embeded.
see attached file: website-downloaded.png









[kml_flashembed movie=”” /]

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