EZ 2.0


EZ 2.0 has arrived and offering many great features, such as categorized events, Event offer Overlays, Shortcodes and more


To begin 2.0 is now programmed to adhere to WordPress standards. Plugins such as .php ext and htaccess are no longer needed. 2.0 is based on the WordPress Category and Post feature. So now the post creating during the normal process will generate its own SEO url.

For example in the 1.0 offer event links in this manner

2.0 is in an SEO Structure
http://easysummit.com/series01/event01/ or

2.0 Dashboard Featured Section

Series Thumbnails

Series names are easily created with spaces such as “rock and roll music” slug will be auto generated. Thumbnails will have to be uploaded into the media manager and the url must be embedded in appropriate field when creating a series. If no url or image dimension is met the series creation process will not create the series.

Resave Permalinks

After creating a new Series Category located in the EZ 2.0 Admin Dashboard you will have to resave your WordPress Permalinks. navigate to Settings>Permalinks scroll to bottom and click [Save Changes]


Featured Section

For the feature section you will want to supply the ID of the event or the SLUG name of the Series Category.

ID of Event

When you are viewing a Series Category List of Post


hover your mouse over the Edit function and look at the bottom left or right of your screed and it will display the url of the link with coresponding id such as http://easysummit.com/admin/post.php/post=3749&action=edit the post=3749 is the id 3749 of the post and the id you will want to use for inserting into a feature field.


Slug name of Series

The slug name is the friendly url version of a url. so if you have created a Series Category named “My rock music” the slug/SEO friendly version would be my-rock-music and this is the information that would appear in the Featured Series Slug

Short Codes

Shortcodes are located in the EZ 2.0 Admin Dashboard and are now used instead of page generation, thus allowing you to have an already preexisting page that can be updated with new information eliminating the need for excessive redirects. shortcodes will always appear with [] so

is correct and will work. footer without [] in incorrect and will not work in your page or post.

Code and Disclaimer

You can now insert your own Newsletter or email capture code in the left text box area and any disclaimers in the right text area of your EZ Admin Dashboard.

Series Category Created

Once you have successfully created a Series Category you will then notice it on your WordPress Admin menu located to your left when logged into your WordPress. You will then be able to Add-edit-delete Single Event Posts.

Single Event Posts.

Event Thumbnails

Thumbnails are now based on the Featured image and will no longer be required to be uploaded in a different manner.

Offer Overlay

Offer are no longer a separate page that end user is sent to. Offers are now over-layed of the event, Thus ensuring event is always playing in the background.








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