edit php files

Before Editing any .php file MAKE BACKUP of code.
Also you cannot copy and paste anycode on this page, the theme uses something close to a quote but it isnt.
Thus, you can see the code instead of it executing.

Base php layout Code
<?php ?>

if (true) {echo”true”;}else{echo”nottrue”;}
if (true1) {echo”true1″;}elseif (true2){echo”true2″;}elseif (true3){echo”true3″;}

edit between “” in echo part. no symbols such as ‘ ” less \”.
can use html code in echo “here”; or outsite of <> such as: <td><?php echo “<td>here</td>”; ?></td>

yes:<td><?php echo “<td><img src=image.jpg></td>”; ?></td>
yes: <td><?php echo “<td><img src=\”image.jpg\”></td>”; ?></td>
no: <td><?php echo “<td><img src=”image.jpg”></td>”; ?></td>
the event php file is coded in order: event, replay, download if you scroll through the code you will see markers
//speaker show
//speaker replay
//speaker download


//speaker show
if($today < $replaybegin_date){
$hours_diff = strtotime($row_set[‘vc15’]) – strtotime(“00:00:00″);
echo” <div style=\”width:100%;padding:0; margin:auto;\”>
<div style=\”width:100%;padding:0; margin:auto;text-align:center;\”>
<h4>”.$row_set[‘vc02’].” Show Starts: “.date(‘h:i’, $hours_diff).” PM EST “.date(‘F d, Y’, strtotime($row_set[‘vc15’])).”</h4>
<div style=\”float:left;width:100%;padding:0;\”>
<div style=\”float:left;width:50%;padding:1%;margin:0;text-align:left;overflow:visible;\”>
<div style=\”float:left;padding:1%;margin:0;overflow:visible;\”>
To Listen Live Press Play Button During Event
<div style=\”float:left;padding:1%;margin:0;overflow:visible;\”>
<img src=\””.WP_CONTENT_URL.”/plugins/ezsummit/images/thumbs/”.$row_set[‘blob01’].”.jpg\” align=\”center\” /><br>
<a href=\””.$href.”\” target=\”_blank\”><img src=\””.$nextmyrow [“image12″].”\”></a>
<div style=\”float:left;width:100%;padding:1%;overflow:visible;text-align:center;\”>
<div style=\”margin:auto;width:60%;padding:1%;overflow:visible;text-align:center;\”>
<strong>To Listen by Phone use Dial in numbers Below:</strong><br>
Primary <strong><a href=\””.$nextmyrow[“primary_number”].”\” value=\””.$nextmyrow[“primary_number”].”\” target=\”_blank\”>”.$nextmyrow[“primary_number”].”</a></strong>&nbsp;|&nbsp;Secondary <strong><a href=\”tel:”.$nextmyrow[“telesummitbunumber”].”\” value=\””.$nextmyrow[“telesummitbunumber”].”\” target=\”_blank\”>”.$nextmyrow[“telesummitbunumber”].”</a></strong>&nbsp;|&nbsp;Guest pin code:&nbsp;”.$nextmyrow[“pincode”].”<br>
<a href=\”http://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local/\”>Full International List of Dial in Numbers</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href=\”http://support.instantteleseminar.com/entries/20200236-connect-to-the-conference-line-using-skype\”>How to Dial in via Skype</a><br>
*** Refresh Page f5 if Problem Occurs or try Compatibility Mode if using IE ***
<div style=\”width:100%;float:left;padding:1%;margin:0;overflow:visible;text-align:justify;border-top: dotted #FFA841 5px;\”>
//speaker replay
if($today < $replay_expiration_date){
echo “We apologize you missed the Live Event, But you can still play the Event Replay as well as View the Event Offer<br />”;
echo htmlspecialchars_decode($row_set[‘vc12’]);
echo “<br />”;
echo htmlspecialchars_decode($row_set[‘vc13’]);
echo “<br /><a href=\””.$href.”\” target=\”_blank\”><img src=\””.$nextmyrow [“image12″].”\” style=\”padding:5px;\”></a><br />”;
echo “<div style=\”width:100%;float:left;text-align:justify;border-top: dotted #FFA841 5px;\”>”.$row_set[‘vc04’].”</div>”;

//speaker download
echo ”
<div style=\”width:100%; float:left; border-bottom: dotted #FFA841 5px;\”>
We apologize you missed the Live Event and the Replay. <br />But you can still View the Event Offer and Download the Event Replay for just $9.95<br />
<a href=\””.$row_set[‘vc29’].” \” target=\”_blank\”><img src=\””.$nextmyrow [“image3″].”\” style=\”padding:5px;\”></a><br />
<a href=\””.$href.”\” target=\”_blank\”><img src=\””.$nextmyrow [“image12″].”\” style=\”padding:5px;\”></a><br />
echo $row_set[‘vc04’]; }

when inside of an echo statement and need to pull in a $variable, break out of the echo ” with another ” add a . then the $variable,  remember to close variable tail end with .” so as to look like such and remember the escape \for the html ”

<!–fyi begin php session snippet–>

if ($nextmyrow[‘whoslive’]== $_SESSION[‘id’]){echo “&nbsp;Live Event”;}
if live id equals the currently viewed session speaker id, echo ” Live Event”

<!–fyi end php end snippet–>

the following echo statements will work


echo ” <img src=http://easysummit.com/wp-content/plugins/ezsummit/images/thumbs/1.jpg><br> “;
echo ” <img src=\”http://easysummit.com/wp-content/plugins/ezsummit/images/thumbs/1.jpg\”><br> “;
echo ‘ <img src=”http://easysummit.com/wp-content/plugins/ezsummit/images/thumbs/1.jpg”><br> ‘;
echo ” <img src=”.WP_CONTENT_URL.”/plugins/ezsummit/images/thumbs/”.$row_set[‘blob01’].”.jpg><br> “;
echo ” <img src=\””.WP_CONTENT_URL.”/plugins/ezsummit/images/thumbs/”.$row_set[‘blob01’].”.jpg\”><br> “;
echo ‘ <img src=”‘.WP_CONTENT_URL.’/plugins/ezsummit/images/thumbs/’.$row_set[‘blob01′].’.jpg”><br> ‘;



do one adjustment at a time and repaste into wordpress, update then view.
if you make a mistake, no problem. read exactly the error on the public page and goto the line it tells you and fix. Dreamweaver also has undo feature, then repaste.

.php is a language for interaction.  Ask – Answer – Search – Answer.

Site Ask: First Name
You Answer: John
Site Searches: Database1




read more: http://php.net/manual/en/function.echo.php

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