Download Manager Update and Migration

Download Manager has upgraded to wpManage. Migrate all files.

Categories and Downloads

Navigate to Download Manager and use the slug version of the category as your ID for
Page/Post Shortcode: [ wpdm_category id=my-category-slug ]

Add Category to Page or Post

Create a page/post for each Download Category. Embed the Shortcode onto the page/post. This will call a specific category onto a page. For example, you may have a category titled ‘Event Audio Downloads’.
The category shortcode would be

. Then Create a Page or Post titled ‘Event Audio Downloads’ and place the short code [ wpdm_category id=my-category-slug ] into the body of the article.

Add Download Package to Categories

Once Categories Posts/Pages have been created, return to the actual Download Packages and add each download to its corresponding category. When editing a download package look to the right column window ‘Category’. Check the categories that apply.

Once Download Packages have been added to Categories, return to the Post/Page Live view. There should now be a public listing of downloads available.

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