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EZ 2.0

Overview EZ 2.0 has arrived and offering many great features, such as categorized events, Event offer Overlays, Shortcodes and more SEO To begin 2.0 is now programmed to adhere to WordPress standards. Plugins such as .php ext and htaccess are

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Download Manager Update and Migration

Download Manager has upgraded to wpManage. Migrate all files. Categories and Downloads Navigate to Download Manager and use the slug version of the category as your ID for Page/Post Shortcode: [ wpdm_category id=my-category-slug ] Add Category to Page or Post

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Disable WordPress Responsive Theme Home Page

If you are using a Custom Post as your front page then when the responsive theme updates, it defaults back to using its own home page, so whenever you update the theme check the theme’s appearance under HOME layout and

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edit php files

Before Editing any .php file MAKE BACKUP of code. Also you cannot copy and paste anycode on this page, the theme uses something close to a quote but it isnt. Thus, you can see the code instead of it executing.

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WordPress Media Manager

WordPress uses a templates directory structure. . = thus ./home is To begin with, all graphic media and so on is loaded directly into wordpress. Login to the website ./wp-login.php Next, load media such as .jpg into the

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Pinoy Popup on Exit

We have included a new plugin for wordpress “Pinoy Pop up on exit”. This plugin is designed to provide an incentive to Not leave your site. The settings are on a per page basis. When Editing a page you will

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Category Filtering

It is now possible to filter specific categories on the Speaker Event Page. ./speaker-gallery.php The Gallery will display as a full list of events with the options to filter the events based on the following 4 basis: 1. All 2.

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Affiliate links that contain ‘&’

[kml_flashembed movie=”” /]

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File Manager

. = Your url File Manager is first built on the premise of a line item list of downloads per category. Audio | Transcript | Video These Categories can be then grouped or singled out on a wordpress page/post

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